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Series of BAD GIRL workshops:

Tired of people pleasing and being a nice girl?
Ready to get out of the cycle of self-betrayal?
Stuck fulfilling someone else’s expectations?
Feel called by your naughty badass nature?

Then join me for weekly exploration of our good girl programming and ways we can heal & detox it collectively

Topics we'll be addressing in these workshops:

  • good girl conditioning and people pleasing
  • where we are betraying ourselves and how to stop it
  • learning to say NO to others and YES to ourselves
  • permission
  • having higher standards in relationships
  • full spectrum self-expression

After a sharing circle and exploration of a chosen theme, we'll go into working with the powerful archetype to activate its qualities & energies.

We use embodiment, play & power of sisterhood to break free from the old conditioning and tap into more liberated and expressed mode of being - yam!

My intention of this workshop is for you to gain confidence to transform a situation in your life that is not in service to your truth

It’s gonna be fun,
it’s gonna be wild,
it’s gonna be playful
and I guarantee you’ll come out transformed!!

After launching a series of sold-out Bad Girl workshops this winter at The Jade Temple Koh Phangan this journey is coming ONLINE to empower wider audience - yahoo!!


May-June 2024


at the most badass Zoom events ever!


£33 per workshop or get 20% if you get a bundle

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