Записаться на бесплатную 30-минутную консультацию - здесь!


Hey, Queen!I invite you to my new creation - the "Hey Queen" membership, an empowering community of badass women who are ready to claim their self-worth and RISE TOGETHER!

This is the place for you:

if you are ready to marinate your mind in empowerment teachings and come out feeling Worthy AF

if you want to heal, inspire and bless each other inside a women's community!

if every new moon you want to relax, share, recharge and nourish yourself in the circle of women on the path of awakening and empowerment

if your body dreams of monthly embodiment classes, ecstatic dances, breathing ceremonies and other magical online shabash!

if the international online community is calling you!

I'm making a no-brainer price of £22 per month (one yoga class in London!!!) to allow EVERY WOMAN to join the movement & dismantle unworthiness TOGETHER!

I wanna be first one to know when the membership doors are OPEN (soooooooon!) & lock a monthly price of just £22: